Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathrooms are the most personal rooms in your home.
Upgrading and beautifying them will make you happy and comfortable!

The bathroom. A personal place of solitude, calmness and renewal. Sometimes even a place to hide out for a bit if you have a big family! But seriously, you spend a lot of time in your bathroom; waking up, pampering yourself, getting ready for your day. So why shouldn’t your bathroom be functional, comfortable, and beautiful? 

At Westrock Contractors we love remodeling and upgrading bathrooms. Seeing our clients happiness with their beautiful remodeled bathroom spaces brings us great joy. As with any home improvement project, planning, coordination and communication are key, and we will be with you from the moment you contact us until your new bathroom is complete and ready to use. Our reputation is everything to us and your complete satisfaction is our primary goal. It will be our pleasure to work with you!

So how do we get started? We know that if you’re at the point where you’re looking for a great contractor for your bathroom remodeling project, you probably already have some ideas about what you want and need in your new bathroom. Our experienced remodeling team at Westrock Contractors will start by discussing your vision of your bathroom makeover and then will meet with you to talk details, options and plans. We know that taking the time to understand exactly what you want is key to completing your bathroom renovation project to your complete satisfaction.

Bathroom Remodeling Basics

When planning to remodel a bathroom you may or may not already have some ideas or a plan. There are some very important points in planning, design and just plain practicality that you should consider to ensure that your completed dream bath is all you hoped for and more.

Remodeled Bathroom by Westrock Contractors of Burnet Texas
Remodeled Bathrooms by Westrock Contractors
Remodeled Showers in Bathrooms by Westrock Contractors of Burnet Texas
Westrock Contractors Bathroom Remodels in Lakeway Texas

What Type of Project Are We Doing?

Although there are MANY different ways to remodel a bathroom space, there are four basic categories:

  • Resurface/Cosmetic – This is the most basic type of bathroom remodeling project. If the layout of the existing bath is going to remain (when the location of all the major components like the tub, the shower, the commode and the sink will not move), and the existing tub, tile work, sinks/vanity, and lighting are all able to be upgraded in place, then this type of bathroom remodel is the easiest, quickest and least expensive option.
  • Remodel – If the layout of the bath will not be changing, but every major item will be upgraded or replaced, this would be considered a standard remodel. In other words, if we can come in and remove everything and install a new tub and/or shower, new vanities and sinks, a new toilet, upgrade the bathroom lighting, and install all new beautiful tile and flooring, we would call this a remodel.
  • Renovation/Redesign – This type of project is probably the most fun! We like to call it a “full-on” remodel. We will come in and strip the existing bathroom space all the way down to the walls and start from scratch. We can change the layout by moving the major components around, adding new items (for example extra sinks, a bigger shower, or a separate tub), moving or removing walls, adding or moving windows, and completely change the look and feel of the space. 
  • Additions – There is one other option for bathroom remodels, and we LOVE them! That is, making the space bigger by adding on to the existing home floor plan with a full addition. If you just need that dream bathroom bigger, if your house floor plan allows it, we can knock out walls and expand that space to whatever you need! Our experts will tell you what’s possible when they meet with you.


Bathroom Remodel New Braunfels Texas Before and After

The Plan

Now that you have ideas and desires, it’s time to put them into action. A proper plan is the most important part of any remodeling project, and that is especially true for a bathroom remodel. Here’s a few questions to ask yourself before making any design decisions:

    • How many people will use this bathroom? – Is this space the master bath of the home or maybe a second or guest bath? Is it primarily for the homeowners, or for the kids? It might even be an “extra” bath unless there are guests visiting. You will want to carefully consider who will be using the bathroom, and how.
    • The Floor Plan – Will the major fixtures be staying in their current locations or do they need to be moved? This decision makes a huge difference in the overall layout and options you may choose.
    • Materials and Style – What look do you want this bath to have? Country? Modern? European? Minimalist? Your style choice will affect the choices of materials that you make. Will it be a country style bath with lots of wood, stone and earthtone colors? Or maybe a modern look with lots of subway tiling, glass shower doors, and white colors. Deciding this before you start is pretty important. 
    • The Tub & Shower – Will the existing configuration remain or would you like to change it? For instance you may have a tub/shower combination now, but wish to separate them. Or you may even want to eliminate the tub entirely and have a comfortable, oversized shower instead. Or how about a big whirlpool tub? The possibilities are endless but the choice needs to be made during the planning stages.
    • Flooring – Often overlooked, flooring is a major part of any bathroom. Durability, style, material and color are all important parts of any bathroom floor. Stone, tile, wood, and even concrete are great choices for any bath space floor.
    • Sink Area, Counters, Vanities, and Storage – Will the existing vanity stay and be upgraded with maybe a new counter or sinks? Or will it be scrapped for a whole new area? Will it be repositioned and require moving plumbing hookups? This is definitely something you want to know before we get started!
    • The Little Things – The details can be the most important part of a bath remodel. Faucets, fixtures, lighting, extra storage or cabinets and even ventilation are all “little things” that add a lot. Having those decisions made in the planning stage will avoid issues in the building stage.


Bathroom Remodel in Burnet Texas

The “Grind” Part

Ok so now you have given it lots of thought, reviewed hundreds of remodeling magazines, websites, Instagram and Facebook Posts, met with our team, made lots of decisions and finalized the plan for your new dream bathroom and now it’s finally time to pull the trigger. Congratulations! Here’s a couple of things to think about and prepare for: 

    • Budget – Although this has probably already been set, double check everything and make sure you’re good with your choices now. You don’t want to get into the project and have unexpected expenses.
    • Logistics – While your bathroom is being remodeled, it will be unusable for a period of time. Will you be able to use another bath in your house during that time? Or make other plans? While we do our best to complete your project as quickly as possible, it does take time.
    • Contractor Selection – If you haven’t already, it’s time to pick a contractor to do the work. Make sure you get one that communicates with you clearly and often, that understands what you want, and is in agreeance with how you want it done. Also make sure they are reputable (check references) and trustworthy. Obviously, we would be privilged to be that contractor for your job.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Process

Step 1

Contact us via phone, email or the estimate form here on our website to schedule a free consultation.

Step 2

We complete an in person consultation to discuss the project and your needs.

Step 3

We prepare an initial quote after we discuss and review your project.

Step 4

We make any changes needed on the quote to form a final estimate.

Step 5

We complete a pre-construction meeting with you to discuss the timeline, discuss selections, and prepare a contract.

Step 6

The job is started and completed to your satisfaction.

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