Advice From a Project Manager Before Starting a Home Construction Project

Plans for a New Home Construction

Building a new home is exciting, but it requires hard work from the homeowner, the home builder and the construction team. At Westrock Contractors, we have a team of experienced project managers who will oversee your renovation, new home construction or custom home build from start to finish. One of the biggest responsibilities of the project manager is to give clear instructions to the homeowners including date deadlines and budget ranges for their specific selections. Most of the selections will be time sensitive to keep the home construction project on schedule, like picking windows, doors, exterior brick, stone or siding, roofing materials, countertops, cabinets, flooring. Often the biggest challenge for the project manager is explaining to the homeowners the importance of sticking with their selections once the deadline has come and gone. Homeowners staying with their original selection is the PM’s greatest asset for keeping things running according to plan and ensuring that the final product reflects the total cost on or under budget. 

While the project management piece is key to any project, homeowners also play a crucial role in their remodeling job or new home construction. A good project manager will help educate the homeowner in the building process and will lead by example to maintain a high level of professionalism at all times. 

At Westrock, we strive to go one step further, to build positive, long-lasting relationships with our homeowners. Our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has led to numerous referrals from our satisfied clients as well as doing multiple projects for repeat customers. As a seasoned project manager, here are a few key points for homeowners to know before starting your next home construction project: 

Educate yourself! 

When it comes to building or remodeling a home, being a well-informed homeowner is key. Educating yourself on the various aspects and stages of construction will allow you to make informed decisions and have realistic expectations throughout the building process. Before signing a contract and moving forward with any home construction project, it is essential to acquire knowledge by reading books or articles and conducting online research of what you want or can afford. Doing so enables you, as a homeowner, to bring productive communication to the table when meeting with your builder and project manager. In short, knowing a little can go a long way and will allow a homeowner to make informed decisions and have realistic expectations throughout the build. 

Respect dates and deadlines!  

Project managers set dates and deadlines for a specific reason; to ensure materials, homeowner selections and contractors are available when needed during each stage of construction. Meeting deadlines is the only way to ensure your home construction project stays on track and finishes on schedule! As the homeowner, you must take responsibility for making certain that the dates are met when choosing fixtures, paint colors and surface coverings in a timely manner. 

Understand change orders!

What are change orders? A written alteration to a previously signed contract for work. They  are basically decisions made after an agreed upon selection or deadline. Let’s say for example, a homeowner selected a cost-saving laminate for the kitchen countertops but when the time comes to install the laminate countertops, the homeowner decides they can’t live without quartz countertops. Laminate countertops typically cost $8 to $20/ft while quartz costs can range from $75 to $105/ft or more. There is no doubt that this difference is quite significant and a change order comes into play to cover the additional cost to the homeowner. Change orders always cost additional money and often cause delays in the construction schedule. Your builder will have a detailed change order process in your contract to address any modifications requested after the original agreement. This will help the project manager to navigate cost and timeline implications while ensuring customers understand their role in requesting changes. As professional custom home builders, Westrock will always do our best to accommodate customer changes. 

Communicate, Communicate and then Over Communicate! 

Maintaining open lines of communication is crucial throughout the building and construction process. We suggest keeping a list of any questions or concerns and bringing them up during our planned meetings or on-site discussions. If you require a more timely answer, please do not hesitate to contact us during business hours.

At Westrock Contractors, we take pride in our business and operations processes. We have developed a strong system to ensure successful outcomes for our clients. Our project management team is committed to working with our clients to help them be knowledgeable about the building process, to communicate effectively with our team, and to ask insightful questions. Our #1 goal is to make your home construction project a positive experience and your dream home a reality! 

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